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Countries we take our patients to:

South Africa




United Arab Emirates

Who we are
Everyone deserves premium healthcare

We want to ensure that our clients are able to travel to South Africa effortlessly, get treated by the best industry professionals and are able to recover in absolute comfort after their procedure.

What we offer
Healthcare areas we specialise in:
General Healthcare

Medicine, treatments and procedures for general healthcare conditions.

Life-Threatening Cases

Treatments and procedures for saving lives and treating chronic conditions.


The care and treatment of your teeth and gums.

Sports Injuries

Treatment, procedures and rehabilitation for sports injuries.


Surgical procedures for a wide range of body injuries, deformities and diseases.

Cosmetic Surgery

Treatments and procedures focused on your appearance.

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Our Value
Why Get Medical Treatment Abroad?

Exceptional Medical Care

By travelling to another country for medical or cosmetic treatment, you can find medical professionals and facilities that may not be available in your home country. This means you can recieve the best care across borders. We make it easy to find the right specialists and treatment locations across a variety of countries.

Healthcare and a Holiday

We organise everything you and your family need to get the treatment you are looking for in another country and to enjoy an unforgettable family holiday. Experience the Alps in Switzerland, the Niagara falls in Canada, Hagia Sophia in Turkey, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and much more.

Our Process
How it works
Step 1

- Get in touch with us and connect with our Patient Care Coordinator who advises on suitable treatment
- Provide us with your medical information and documents
- Confirm treatment and Generate a quote

Step 2

- We assist with choosing your package and VISA, Insurance and Contract requirements
- We have a conference consultation and book your flights and accommodation.
- Pay deposit

Step 3

- Travel to your chosen country
- We have a physical consultation and explain the process
- Receive treatment and get any medication required
- Our Patient Care Coordinator collaborates with your escort/family

Step 4

- Travel to recovery destination
- We provide a follow-up consultation
- Chosen rehabilitation, side therapy and caregiver services are provided
- Chosen tourism services are provided

Step 5

- Travel back home
- We organise repeat scripts and send discharge medication
- We hold conference calls and recovery consultations with you

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