Why Medical tourism africa?
Our Holistic Solution

The services we offer have been designed to create a smooth and stress-free experience for our clients and their families. We organise everything from flights to accommodation and treatment to recovery.

We offer packages based on your needs, whether that’s a once-off requirement or an ongoing need. Contact us to find out more.

Access Global Medical Experts and Facilities
Countries we take our patients to:

South Africa




United Arab Emirates

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Our Services
What's Included?

Flight Bookings

We organise and book flights for our clients so that they can enjoy seamless travelling.


To ensure our clients are comfortable, we choose the ideal place to stay for them and their families.

Visa's & Insurance

We make travelling to South Africa simpler and worry free by organising visa applications and insurance for our clients.


We help our clients communicate if they have difficulty speaking, are hard of hearing, deaf or struggle with language barriers.

Side Therapies

Whether it's rehabilitation, meal planning or wound care, we ensure that our clients receive what they need with physiotherapists, nurses, and dieticians.


We provide everything our clients need to travel across South Africa during their stay with personalised service.

Personal Shopper/Assistant

We provide our clients with the assistance they need to get shopping done and assist wherever possible.

Follow-Up Appointments

We organise the appointments that are needed after treatment so that our clients can focus on recovering from their treatment.

Dining, Chef & Specialised Meals

The right meal plan can make all the difference. We provide our clients with an experienced chef or specialised meals for their stay.